PMP Definitions: O

Many of the words defined here have broader, and in some cases different, dictionary definitions. In some cases, a single glossary term consists of multiple words (e.g., root cause analysis).

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Definitions: O
Objective Something toward which work is to be directed, a strategic position to be attained, a purpose to be achieved, a result to be obtained, a product to be produced, or a service to be performed.
Opportunity A risk that would have a positive effect on one or more project objectives.
Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) A hierarchical representation of the project organization, which illustrates the relationship between project activities and the organizational units that will perform those activities.
Organizational Learning A discipline concerned with the way individuals, groups, and organizations develop knowledge.
Organizational Process Assets Plans, processes, policies, procedures, and knowledge bases that are specific to and used by the performing organization.
Output A product, result, or service generated by a process. May be an input to a successor process.
Overall Project Risk The effect of uncertainty on the project as a whole, arising from all sources of uncertainty including individual risks, representing the exposure of stakeholders to the implications of variations in project outcome, both positive and negative.
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