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The very best resources to prepare for the PMP Certification Exam are the PMBOK and the PMP Handbook. If you would like additional resources to help you prepare, then there are a wealth of resources available on the internet. Please be careful to avoid out of date material. The following are just a few examples of types of resources available:
PMP Practice Questions and Tests
Free PMP Practice Questions
PMP Mock Exams
Study Notes and Guides
PM Study Circle Notes
30 Day PMP Study Plan
100+ Tips on PMP Certification
Study Notes of Edward Chang
Online Study Groups
Google: Online PMP Cert Study Group
LinkedIn: I Want to be a PMP
LinkedIn: PMP Exam Study Group
PMP Meetups
Your Local PMI Chapter
PMP e-Newsletters
PMChamp Newsletter
PM Podcast Newsletter
PMP Discussion Forums
PMZilla Discussion Forum
PM Hangout
O'Reilly PMP Forum
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What Is PMBOK How to Apply for the PMP PMP Processes 30 Day PMP Study Plan PMP Mock Exams
PMP Credential PMP Exam Registration PMP Formulas 2 Week Study Plan PMI.org
PMP Handbook PMP Exam Eligibility PMP Acronyms 1 Week Study Plan  
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