Why TestTaker PMP Certification Practice Exams

Quite simply, if you want to get PMP certified, TestTaker is too good of a deal to pass up. Here are the top ten reasons why:

#10: Failing the PMP is an expensive way to learn that you are not prepared.
It is expensive to fail. You do not wish to throw your money away. The cost to take a PMP certification exam may be hundreds of dollars as compared to the low price to purchase a TestTaker PMP certification guide which guarantees that you will pass.
#9: You want to be able to study for the PMP exam anywhere, at any time.
Practice makes perfect. The more you take PMP practice exams, the more prepared you will be for your PMP certification exam. Since TestTaker is 100% available online, you can practice from just about anywhere, at any time.
#8. You wish to keep PMP certification preparation costs low.
You purchase the PMP certification guide subscription that caters to your budget and your PMP certification goals. TestTaker brings the best content to you so you do not have to pay for numerous PMP study guides to bring the content to yourself.
#7: You take PMP practice exams in the same format as real PMP certification exams.
TestTaker presents PMP practice exams to you in the same format as the real PMP proctored exams. This will ultimately make you more comfortable when it comes time for you to take the actual PMP certification examination. You will have an advantage since you are already familiar with the format and layout.
#6: You will not have to download anything.
TestTaker does not leave a footprint on your device or machine. There is no software to download which may or may not work with your operating system. With an internet connection and a current browser version, you have access to the best and latest that TestTaker has to offer.
#5: You will not receive static content.
TestTaker PMP content is not delivered as a static pool of downloaded content or a static text file. The content exists in our centralized engine where we keep it current and of high quality.
#4: You will be 100% confident that you are prepared.
TestTaker tracks your progress based upon a myriad of factors and informs you when you are ready. There is no confusion or uncertainty. Your readiness is clearly stated as "Ready" or "Not Ready".
#3: You will receive personalized, real-time assessments as you study.
TestTaker does more than simply tell you whether you answered the PMP questions correctly or not. It is constantly assessing you by providing real-time scores on all practice scenarios in which you participate.
#2: You will have access to high quality content.
TestTaker will challenge you with relevant PMP exam content. You do not have to worry whether your PMP content is outdated. You will be presented with PMP content that is guaranteed to be tested on the PMP certification exam.
#1: You will overcome your knowledge area weaknesses.
TestTaker recognizes which types of PMP questions you answer incorrectly and presents these questions to you again and again until you demonstrate your ability to get them correct.